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"First, I want to thank all of you- first and foremost, Dr. Delgado. What a blessing it has been to have him as my surgeon. Starting with my total right knee replacement in November 2017 and following up with a total left knee on April 2018, he has truly been a joy to have as my doctor. He has never once made me feel as though I was being rushed when asking him about the procedures both pre-op and post-op. After surgery, he always contacted my fiancé and explained how the surgery went, etc. and asked if there were any questions. When I told Dr. Delgado how much I appreciated him, he said it wasn't just him, but also his surgical team. I'm sure they know how much they are thought of but it was nice to hear him give praise to his team and his office staff."


 " I normally don’t email my doctors but wanted to share some great news that I think you would appreciate and might help your patients if they have anxiety about an upcoming hip replacement.

  The week before my hip replacement, I went to Disneyland for my youngest daughters birthday. I had to rent a wheelchair because of the pain in my hip as well as my feet due to all of my compensating movements required to walk. My ego and my body were truly broken. Two days after my three-month check-up for my hip replacement, I returned to Disneyland for a two day trip with my daughters. In those two days, I walked over 36k steps (the equivalent of 16-17 miles depending on how you measure). I went up and down stairs and even had my family ask me to slow down when we were walking! Me!! Slow down!!! And the best part? I was completely pain-free. My hips, my back, and my plantar fasciitis did not have any issues. Not one. I came home and the next day took my dogs for a walk. Previously I would have been almost bedridden for a few days. You gave me this. Thank you. Truly. The person I was six months ago never would have believed this could or would be my experience. 
I apologize for doing this over email, but in case you needed to use on your website or with patients I wanted you to have this information electronically. 
I hope you and your family have a lovely holiday and a happy and healthy new year. See you in September for my one year check up."



"Dr. Delgado, 

Thanks for your excellent surgery. It was complicated pelvic fractures. It's been for 8 months. I have no pain and doing fine. You saved my life. Thank you."

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